how to light up a room: 

Tips & tricks to enliven your virtual meetings

You've been hosting team meetings virtually now for a while, and they're going just fine. 

Your team shows up on time and they're seemingly focused, engaged and ready to participate

But are your teams feeling connected to you? 

To one another?  To the company?

Research tells us that, by and large, employees are managing a good deal of stress and burnout during this time, and many don't feel seen or supported by their leadership teams.  They are bee-lining from one Zoom call to the next, often times managing household responsibilities or home schooling at the same time. 


And working remotely is here to stay.  In fact, it's quickly become the "new normal" for companies, globally.

So, how can you do your part to build authentic connection

with your teams, through virtual meetings?

Shannon Hughes, Founder and Principal Experiential Coach with Enlivened Studios, invites you to Enliven Up! employee engagement online, using modalities rooted in play-based learning, storytelling and movement. 


In this session, Shannon will:


  • Outline her Light Up a Room meeting framework

  • Share a few Zoom "magic tricks" to facilitate captivating and effective virtual gatherings

  • Teach a number of exercises from the Enlivened Studios Experiential Playbook, proven to increase collaboration, connection and focus with working teams of all shapes and sizes

We will re-emerge from the challenges of this global pandemic.  Some things will return to "normal", others will look very different than they did at the start of this year.  Business is shifting and re-shaping in real time but one thing is becoming crystal clear:  remote workforces will stay. 

Do you have the virtual facilitation skill set needed

to keep your teams happy and engaged?


Let's connect!