Body & brain Bend series: a 30-minute adult recess

You know it’s time for recess when:

  • Your body aches from trying to sit up straight and make your team know you really are listening on all those virtual calls.


  • The energetic spark you had in this morning's all-call has faded, along with the coffee buzz, and your focus is


  • You're on deadline to deliver the next big idea, but your creative genius just snuck away for a nap.

Refuel your body and brain to inspire 

 engagement, focus and productivity

back into your work day.

Research tells us that taking breaks reinvigorates cognitive functioning in our brains.  This high-performance brain function, maintains focus, increases retention and builds creative resilience with our work.


Remembering to take breaks was hard before. Now, with blurred boundaries between home and work, it can be even more challenging, bringing meeting fatigue faster and more furiously than ever.  

Just 30 minutes of embodied play can ignite creativity and engagement, positioning you to reengage from a place of renewal

and sustained mental acuity.  

Shannon Hughes, Founder and Principal Experiential Trainer of Enlivened Studios, invites you get up and on your feet with these 30-minute Body & Brain Bend sessions. Using modalities rooted in play-based learning, storytelling and movement, Shannon will get your synapses firing so that you and your teams can take a well-deserved break, leaving you feeling clear, refreshed and connected.



What current Body & Brain Benders are saying:


“I came to adult recess out of curiosity but I had no idea I would have so much fun! I didn’t want the time to end. Shannon’s energy and creative activities helped me quickly shift out of my stiff working mind and back to the reality of living, play and ease! With so much time on a screen and chasing tasks, I forget to get moving and get silly. Having other adults to play with and games to play was so refreshing! Thank you Shannon! I can’t wait to add this to my weekly routine.”   - Kelsey C., Coach and Consultant

"I participated in Shannon's Body & Brain Bend and is was great. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I ended the session laughing and engaged. I had gone into it tired and a little skeptical that I would make much of an impact but it totally did. Completely changed my mood and I felt refreshed and I look forward to taking more of her classes. Thanks, Shannon for an awesome experience!"  - Dana Baker-Williams, Founder, Parenting in Real Life


”I really enjoyed the class.  Particularly loved the storytelling exercise Shannon took us through, and she is wonderful at facilitating. It was fun, and that’s definitely something we need during stressful times. ”  - Dr. Sweta Chawla, Author and Speaker